classic flowers-the Rose

May 28th, 2014

RosaThereseBugnet by Ulf Eliasson

Roses have been classic flowers for many centuries. They appear in Shakespeare’s plays and of course you never guess which one?

New varieties emerge every year.

Recently released beauties include ‘simple peach’,’ lillycuff” and ‘lady of the lake’ (this looked a top choice, its a open petal rose which rambles and most importantly reflowers, available from David Austin roses).

Last year I designed a beautiful medium sized garden for a lovely client who had moved to Gosforth. Here on the sunny side of the garden we combined Rosa tuscany with Rosa iceberg ( a classic white Rose) with Lynchnis coronaria and geranium psilostemon, behind the border I put climbing roses and clematis ‘ville de lyon’.

And of course you were right it was Romeo and Juliet and it was actually Juliet who quoted the flower as her metaphor.