Garden design styles

April 18th, 2021

Modern gardens have a diversity of style. Many of my clients have a shrewd idea of the sort of garden they want to have designed and then constructed for them.
We are all influenced by gardens we have seen or visited.

A modern garden needs to fit with our 21st century lifestyles and realistic budgets. The gardens generally fit with the taste of the house and site and of course with individual style of the householders. For example I designed a garden for a house in the Grove, Gosforth and we created a style that was relaxed but the planting quite traditional, influenced by plants popular in 1920s cottage gardens.
If you have moved into a new build clients are often influenced by
more modern planting styles with more structural plants and reduced variety of plant species in the design. Even with new house builds clients may prefer more traditional flowers and border layouts.

We will always help and guide you through the all decisions involved in creating an exciting new garden.