Hard landscaping, soft landscaping

April 13th, 2021

Hard landscaping is an element in more than 90% of design projects. Clients from Darras Hall, Gosforth, Tynemouth, Hexham, Corbridge to Seahouses and Morpeth often ask me to include a patio as a major part of the build. We mainly use products from the Talasey group from their landscaping collection range, for example natural paving. Patios, paths and walls are key structures in any garden and usually are the most expensive part of any design build.
Soft landscaping would be the plant borders and lawn. Here it is important to prepare your soil well as often we are asked to design borders in new parts of the garden or improve gardens which have often been newly acquired after a house purchase or new build and need a fresh start. There are lots of options for plants but if the soil is clay it would be best to select plants which have adapted to it.

allium and pulmonaria under cherry tree