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Design work during early Summer, 2020

June 1st, 2020

Everyone has been spending more time at home recently.

Gardens have always been beautiful tranquil places and I’ve been very busy helping people create improved garden space.

I’m busy with 4 gardens, the first in Hepscott, a beautiful village near Morpeth. Here a stream runs through the front garden and several metres from it we are creating a deck, surrounded by Chelsea fencing, and with shrubs tucked behind to give a sheltered and private space. We are adding trellis and shrubs to give privacy to the western edge of the garden and planting trees to help the environment and screen off a neighbour’s bridge.We are also adding a shrub screen on the other side of the driveway.

A lot of the plants are sourced locally and this is good as the garden centre are gold medal winners at shows. The clients have bought trees including a beautiful Maple, evergreen flowering shrubs and deciduous such as Philadelphus and several metres of lovely perennials to swerve around the decking and wrap around the side of the trellis.

I’ve suggested solutions to the client which will keep costs down. I’ve ordered his plants to be delivered and I’m going to visit the nursery to check their quality is top.At present the nursery is still closed to the public but as I’m a designer I can still visit. Plant availability is varied throughout the UK as we import lots of plants from the Netherlands and the US. Hopefully things will improve as we lift the lockdown.

This is the first design of 4 in early Summer.