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Hard landscaping design (click here for gallery)

November 16th, 2020


One of the key elements in design is the relationship between hard landscape construction and the nature’s plants and her colours and shapes. Many of our jobs involve building patios, paths, walls. Adding pagodas, raised beds and screens to a garden, correcting levels, improving soils and organising positions and space to greater efficiency.

We are currently building a garden in Prudhoe, Nov 2020, which will show you some of the key elements of our work in action. The challenge here is to create a garden on a slope.

The client had a very large deck which was difficult to maintain and it needed to be replaced. It was alongside a large leylandii hedge owned by his neighbour which dominates the east side of the garden.

Firstly I moved the new patio into a central area where the sun will fall Summer afternoons. Then I have broken the beds into a series of 3 squares visually and will plant them out with shrubs and semi shade perennials. We are going to visually hide the shed as its visually too dominant in the garden with two small bed areas. The patio is going to be accessed by a set of small steps integrated with an Asian sandstone path. Stone faced walls organise the dropping levels so that the patio sits in its own terraced level. Duncan Scott and his landscaping team have started the garden construction with Lee Stevenson creating the beautiful paths and walls.